Hong Kong Convenience Store Offers More Than Convenience

Hong Kong locations of the U.S.-based convenience chain, Circle K, not only have the right mix of services, but the best product offerings, targeting different types of shoppers. The stores also have the right mix of service and merchandising layout to draw traffic and make the shopper stay longer.

One of the differences in this convenience store is that they recently won the second and third runner up in the Hong Kong Style Coffee Championship. Two staff members from two Circle K locations beat hundreds of other baristas from different restaurants in this coffee making competition. This type of activity not only draws attention to the employees but serves as great PR for the store as well.

Another point of difference for the Hong Kong Circle K’s is that some of the stores offer X Box’s for teenage shoppers to play for free. The X Box station is usually surrounded by a candy vending machine and a snack bar. If you were a teenager, would you say no to the temptations of X Box, candy and snacks? Probably not. And you’d most likely return with your friends in tow. This is an interesting way for a convenience store to keep the consumer in the store for a long period of time, leading to a higher chance of purchase.

-Contributed by Eric Wong, Shanghai