Honey, Let’s Go Furniture Shopping

Maybe it’s time to replace aunt Sherie’s hand-me-down couch and recliner with new ones. Or maybe they’re empty nesters that have been waiting for the last child to leave home so they can have “nice things.” Or maybe their dog had too many accidents on the couch or they discovered the cat was using the headboard for a scratching post.

Whatever the reason, furniture tends to be a considered purchase for most shoppers that requires research and deliberation in the store.

In our consumer study, The Complex Shopper, Integer examined the motivations and interactions that drive shoppers during the furniture purchase decision.

In-store experience

What stood out the most? When shoppers were asked what steps were most valuable when making a furniture purchase decision, a whopping 87 percent said, “visiting a store.”

This was the highest of all categories Integer examined, which included major appliances, automobiles, flooring, and windows and doors. Furniture shoppers were also most likely to go to the store to touch and feel the product (71 percent), just to browse (56 percent) or for design inspiration (37 percent).

With such emphasis on the in-store experience, furniture brands should critique their retail environment to see how it stacks up. Is it easy for shoppers to “test drive” couches, recliners, dining room chairs, etc.? Do you have inspiring design ideas? Is your sales force educated about color trends and different décor styles?

Check out our new infographic for more insights into the minds of furniture shoppers. If you missed our previous Complex Shopper research, you can find it on the Complex Shopper tab to the right.