H&M Gets London’s Oxford Street Buzzing

Oxford Street was abuzz, but the queue strangely quiet as H&M kicked off their four day launch extravaganza for the newly refurbished 6-floor Oxford Street flagship store at 1pm Thursday March 14th.

Traffic was disrupted as the staff performed the Harlem Shake in front of the store shortly before the doors opened. The red carpet was rolled out, DJ’s span discs and staff kept the energy and pace of the launch at around high-octane level.

Lou and Nova greet shoppers and set the tempo.

I was lucky enough to get into the first 500 club despite arriving 5 minutes before the doors opened – a sign of the times perhaps, or a reflection of a 1pm midweek launch time – and took full advantage of my 25% off (given to the first 500 through the doors).

Great launch. Thanks, H&M.

Contributed by Ian Foulds, Integer London