Having a Go at Winning London 2012 Olympic Games Tickets

With the London 2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremonies just around the corner, a few of us at the newly opened Integer London office thought we would have a go trying to win some tickets from two of the official sponsors.

Cadbury seems to have been on a steady build-up for years, priming us initially with their Spots V Stripes campaign in 2011 with the Challenge Bar, which split into three: “one for the spot, one for the stripe, and one for the winner.” It was an ambitious plan to get us all taking a side, and we loved its goal to get us all playing. In the run-up to the Olympic Games, they’ve brought the oldest mechanic in the book back–the golden ticket, in which shoppers could win one of hundreds of exclusive ticket packages (along with 1,000 further prizes instantly per day). Unwrap Gold first appeared on shelf around April on 18 Cadbury products. I didn’t unwrap gold in my trial, but my Twinbar was quite yummy. Turns out I can still enter a drawing for £500 as a consolation prize, but no tickets for me.

Old-school mechanics are all the rage as I found when I went on a search for those elusive prize tickets from P&G. P&G, an Olympic worldwide partner, has been seamlessly executing its multi-brand global Olympic platform across the globe with a single visual identity that appears across categories throughout the shopper journey. This is shopper activation at an unprecedented scale—36 participating brands across multiple categories—beauty & grooming, pet care, and household care. I took a trip to Tesco to see what I could see and discovered that the retailer, in partnership with P&G, was offering an opportunity to win one of 50 pairs of Olympic Finals Tickets. All I had to do was make a P&G purchase with my Club Card and I was entered to win (or I could text to enter). I didn’t win, but it’s a good example of how a sponsor can use its ticket allocation to persuade retailers to give the sponsor greater visibility.

Photo Source: Mail Online and Clare Cryer

Contributed by Integer London