Halloween: A Month Long Shopping Event

While Halloween always falls on October 31st, it can be a daily holiday for shoppers once October comes around. Shoppers begin to get in the spirit early, with one third of shoppers staring their Halloween shopping before October even begins.Much like the winter holidays, building the excitement toward Halloween is as much fun as the day itself.

Throughout the month shoppers are not just looking for decorations, costumes and candy for the big day, they are also looking for little “treats” to get them in the spirit all month long. Brands and products of all kinds from food to pet supplies and more are finding a means to connect to the holiday.

From classic themed packaging and displays to offering crafty ideas and helping shoppers prep for their parties, there are many ways brands can get in the spirit and offer daily “treats” to shoppers gearing up for the big day.

Halloween is becoming a large selling opportunity for brands and retailers as excitement continues to grow every year. This year, 162 million people plan to celebrate Halloween, up from 158 million in 2013.There is also a rise in spending, with adult expected to spend an average of $87 on Halloween activities, up from $78 last year.

As Halloween becomes a larger holiday for shoppers and retailers alike, brands should explore new ways differentiate themselves and capture this shopping culture.