Habit Change In A Pandemic

After a year like 2020, many people entered the new year looking for little ways to get the fresh start they crave–despite the world feeling like 2020 version 2.

While the new year brought the typical onslaught of healthy food promotions and fitness advertising, it is Dry January that popped out more than the rest in culture as a small act consumers could do to take some tangible control of the chaos.

But then Jan 6th happened–a coup at the Capitol–prompting many to abandon their Dry Jan commitments.

Habit change is hard in general. Let alone during a pandemic. During 2020, a study found that alcohol consumption increased by 14% compared to a year ago, including 17% for women.

As 2021 is posed to be as unpredictable as 2020, it seems that consumers will be as well. While alcohol sales may continue to rise as the pandemic persists, alternatives like CBD seltzers, alcohol-free wine/spirits and other health/self care products may also as consumers look for healthier ways to navigate this chaotic world.

While it does not appear that (alcohol) habits will change dramatically in the first few days and weeks of 2021. January does provide brands an opportunity for renewed consideration as consumers are reevaluating themselves and their pantries.

Contributed By: Kira Walstrom, Insight & Strategy, Denver

Image Source: Unsplash