Grocery Shoppers Are as Unique as Snowflakes


That’s how many homes in the US buy exactly the same groceries as any other home.

It’s an amazing statistic that was uncovered in an analysis by Catalina Marketing of their massive POS shopper database.

32 million shoppers were included in the analysis, each of which shopped at least once a month over the year. The 10,000 stores in the study had on average about 35,000 UPCs to choose from.

Each shopper bought on average260 UPCs. And every single home had a unique combination of products over the course of the year.

This certainly lends credence to the notion that shopper marketing should become personalized. And technology is helping in those efforts. But it’s an astounding finding, and a sobering reminder that we should be very careful when we try to generalize about our shoppers.