Great Insight, Product Demonstration, and Product Placement.

As you walk into the
grocery store, pull out a shopping cart, and start your walk through the store,
there is a moment when you look at where you place your hands on the shopping
cart and think, “How many other hands have touched this thing? How clean is
this? Do I really have to touch this thing?” And then you get over that brief
moment of repulsion and think, “I’ll wash my hands when I get home.”

Clorox®, in conjunction with King Soopers®and City Market®, has done a great
job of alleviating this concern by helping you have a more germ-free shopping

Inside a local grocery
store, King Soopers, right where you select your shopping cart, Clorox has
placed its Disinfecting Wipes product demonstration so you can clean the
surface of your shopping cart before you touch it.The header card reads, “Healthier Shopping at King Soopers and City Market. Use this complimentary wipe to kill 99.9% of germs on shopping cart surfaces.”Clorox even provides a place
to discard your used wipe.

The only thing missing? A nearby
display that gives you an opportunity to actually buy the product, which
would’ve been nice. Overall though, good job, Clorox.