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Google’s Mobilegeddon

Wednesday, July 15th, 2015

What is Mobilegeddon? Google took a bold move and recently altered its mobile search algorithm. From this point on, if a site is not mobile-optimized, it will be de-prioritized in Google’s search rankings—meaning shoppers may never even see your site because it’s hidden at the bottom of the search pile.

Can Google justify this decision? Yes. Google strives to provide the best possible user experience for their users. According to Flurry Analytics, people now spend approximately three hours per day on their mobile devices and if a shoppers experience is seamless on their device, there’s a higher likelihood they’re going to make a purchase.

Why does this matter?

The implications of this decision could be detrimental for companies and brands whose sites aren’t mobile-optimized. This is a huge opportunity for brands to deliver a better digital experience, and subsequently grow their e-commerce traffic and sales, but if they aren’t up to speed with what’s happening in the digital world, we’ll all be left at the bottom of Google’s search pile.

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