Good-Bye Resolutions, Hello Reality

We all know that New Year Resolutions often go unmet. And while for decades the new year “season” has been a window for certain brands to stand out, the typical New Year Resolution message is becoming less relevant to today’s shoppers who are looking for realistic, longer term solutions(vs. reminder for what to do in Jan – Feb). This year some brands and retailers are changing their tune.

Example #1:Samsung

Samsung’s new ads for their Galaxy S7 + Gear Fit2 watch. Rather than do the typical sporty spots, Samsung highlights the reality of working out. How awkward it is. How difficult it can be. And that it’s a journey and not something you do in January because you got the watch for Christmas. It makes you laugh and reminds you that health is not just for Jan, it’s an investment (literally – they are selling a fit watch) in something you should use and do everyday, all year long.

Example #2: Grocery Retailers

Retailers like Publix and Hy-Vee are opting to use this health conscious retail time slot to launch their new health platforms. Rather than offer immediate deals and limited time shopper programs these retailers are in it to win it. Publix is launching their Better Choice program, which uses shelf tags to call out better choices in aisle. It is akin to the NuVal score but seems to be approachable and shopper friendly, using information the common shopper often looks for like sugar content. Meanwhile, Hy-Vee is launching a health magazine, Balance, to offer shoppers tips and tricks all year.

We should continue to see this shift persist as culture and shoppers continue to lead health focused lives.

Image Source: Publix