Girl Scout Cookies Are Now Available Online

Did you hear that Girl Scout Cookies are now available online? I am a Girl Scout Cookie supporter and annually I look forward to a colleague pushing these indulgent moneymakers. Every year, I purchase multiple boxes of cookies and a part of me feels a little guilty. When I heard the news that one can purchase cookies online, I was super excited, because now I can purchase my cookies without shame or guilt for not supporting every colleague that has a Girl Scout. For me the online portal has a lot of appeal, because I will no longer have a name/face associated to every cookie I consume.

With my excitement, I go online to find out how I can submit an online order and to my dismay I find out that the process isn’t as easy as I hoped it would be. I cannot just create an account and place my order. I must first inform my “Girl Scout” that I would like to make an online order, so she can then set me up and that’s only if the service is available in my area. Since I don’t personally know any Girl Scouts I guess I’ll have to wait for my colleagues to announce their cookie order sign ups. I am sure I am not the only patron that feels this way. I don’t know if Girl Scouts is being strategic in its order processing system or has transactional and/or legal hurdles that hinder it from selling online, but what they have today isn’t relieving my guilt or shame. What I experienced is something we always advise our clients to avoid. You should always put the shopper experience first, because once a person has a negative experience it is likely he/she wouldn’t return. I am looking forward to Digital Cookie 3.0.

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