Genderless Beauty On The Rise

The face of beauty today is vastly different than where we’ve been. And as culture embraces the many faces of beauty, we are seeing genderless beauty become mainstream. Unisex cosmetics, skincare, razors, fragrances and more are hitting the market with bold, simple design and that suits the needs of the consumer regardless of gender.

For example, Mio Skincare’s ‘Gym Kit’ is does not target men or women but rather health conscious consumers who love fitness.

Similarly, companies like Basik are offering genderless razors and other household items. The founder of the company explains, “I learned that there, in fact are physical differences in the razors for men and women. Though, these differences are related only to the function of the product, which isn’t always related to the gender of the consumer. For example, the blades are different for shaving beard than for shaving legs, but this doesn’t mean that they should be marketed only towards one gender.” Basik reflects this sentiment through design stating that the company “sees gender-neutral packaging as a factor that can encourage gender equality and create a more sustainable world.”

As gender norms continue to evolve, we expect to see more beauty products align with needs and benefits rather than gender. Shoppers are reacting positively to these new offerings, embracing unisex options that have sleek modern design. But with genderless brands on the rise will classic brands and retailers have to reconsider their communication? Their aisle configurations and shelf sets? Or how they think about beauty overall?

Contributed By: Kira Walstrom, Integer Denver

Image Source: Hellsten