Galentine’s Day and Micro-Holidays

“What is Galentine’s Day? It’s only the best day of the year.”

Since Leslie Knope, Deputy Director of Parks and Recreation, uttered these words during an episode of Parks and Recreation in 2010, the birth of Galentine’s Day has allowed all women—no matter their relationship status—to get together, usually in the form of a brunch, and celebrate each other.

Over the last nine years, brands and retailers have begun to acknowledge the holiday as it gains popularity beyond fans of the sitcom and into the mainstream.

  • Mary Kay is offering a giveaway
  • Bumble created an event that includes free mini services, discounts and promotions on packages, services, and products

But this isn’t the only made-up holiday that has been getting its 15 minutes of fame. Chances are that you’ve probably walked past a cupcake store that celebrates “Cupcake Day” on October 18th or a restaurant with a banner citing February 22nd as “National Margarita Day.” These newly created holidays and occasions are giving brands and retailers the opportunity to celebrate through sweepstakes, buy-one-get-one offers, and much more.

As these non-official holidays continue to gain momentum, brands and retailers have a tremendous opportunity to observe which of these new holidays feel authentic so they can celebrate and connect with other like-minded participants for another year, or until the next newly generated holiday flourishes.

Photo Source: Unsplash