Futuristic Foods

Today’s shoppers are not just looking for comfort foods, they are also looking for new and innovative foods that tantalize their taste buds and give them a new experience. To satisfy shoppers’ desires, retailers are introducing different products to attract younger audiences.

For example:

Sainsbury started trialling 30 new ‘disruptor foods’. Among them are crisps (chips) made out of salmon skin, the UK’s first alcoholic kombucha, and ‘meals in a bottle’ (or seaweed infused rapeseed oil). The retailer is not only aiming to attract but also engage a millennial audience, asking them to vote through their purchase what product will receive permanent listings after the trial.

Meanwhile, M&S is offering stone-less avocados, Tesco introduced smaller wine bottles to those looking to cut back on alcohol and Morrisons recently launched a meal-box delivery service with meals to cook in under 30 minutes.

While big brands traditionally have the power of mass distribution, this initiative is the first to change the narrative in favor of small disruptors and retailer efforts. As shoppers take note of more interesting and less commoditized offerings, brands need to recognize and act on these shifting expectations or are in danger of losing shelf space.

Contributed By: Marta Formenton, Account Manager, Integer London

Image Source: Unsplash