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Furniture Shopping Is Fun!

Friday, November 23rd, 2012

Think about the last few “big-ticket” purchases you’ve made. Did you enjoy shopping for them? Did you relish the research process and eagerly read the online reviews?

Most shoppers tend to be fairly interested in their “big-ticket” or considered purchases, no matter what product it is. However, their degree of excitement about that purchase and the enjoyment they receive from shopping for it varies widely.

In our latest research report from The Complex Shopper study, Integer examines furniture shoppers and the motivations and interactions that drive them during the considered purchase process.

Furniture shoppers are highly interested in and excited by their purchase, and enjoy the process. Even the men! Women indicated that shopping for vacation travel (82 percent) was the only considered purchased they found more enjoyable than shopping for furniture (77 percent).

Our new infographic, Shoppers and the Furniture Storegoes into detail about what ultimately tipped a furniture shopper into a furniture buyer. Sure, discounts and deals were the highest factor, but you might be surprised at the other reasons.

Shopping for furniture is a much more emotional, personal and tactile process than other considered purchase items we examined. Read the infographic for more insights about the in-store experience and how different shopper types shop for furniture, and how much they’re willing to spend.


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