From Cardboard to Connections; The Evolution of Shopper Marketing

Over the past ten years, the retail landscape and shopper behavior has changed significantly as the result of digital advancements, the introduction of the smartphone and the explosion of social media. And shopper marketers evolved as well. Seeing that new shopper touch points were surfacing, shopper marketers began to think beyond cardboard and consider how digital touch points could create and enhance the shopping experience—and the exploration continues today.

Integer’s own Director of Social Media, Jesse Spencer, explains this evolution and says, “Retailers and brands can use their digital ecosystems – and more specifically their social channels – to establish a personal connection between brands, retailers and shoppers.”

Establishing these personal connections is key to driving long-term shopper loyalty. Knowing the staff at your local grocery store builds a connection. But how exactly do you use your digital ecosystem to create that personal connection? For Jesse, “The ultimate goal is to hit the sweet spot that’s a combination of pleasure, utility and added value.”

What is the ultimate goal for your brand in the digital ecosystem? What about within the social web? Uncertain? Download Part 6 of Untangling the Social Web to learn more about how to discover your role in the social web, how to activate it and create lasting connections that will help you achieve your goals.