Foodies Unite

Standing in line at Whole Foods, I noticed an intriguing San Pellegrino 12-pack that simply read “Are you a foodie?” Why was this intriguing to me? I think in part because it made me question my own level of foodie-ness. I love food, I love sparking water, but am I a real foodie?

So naturally, I followed the clear and simple call to action to “find out at” There, I found an abundance of information (from guides to pictures, recipes and more) about food as well as chef profiles and limited edition San Pellegrino bottles. Turns out this campaign is San Pellegrino’s first digital campaign where food lovers around the world can unite around a virtual infinite table to share their favorite dishes and be part of the foodie community.

A fun digital experience indeed, perfect for the sparkling water drinker who fancies themselves to be a foodie. But then I come back to the simple, on pack messaging that hooked me in the first place. What impact did it have on me? While I never did find out if I was a foodie, San Pellegrino did assume a “fancier” position in my mind. Maybe next time when I am in store I will grab a San Pellegrino instead of a private label option hoping to badge myself and reaffirm my identity as a foodie.

How do you think this on pack messaging can affect shopper behavior?

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