Flavor Craze: What’s Next?

Bacon, Sriracha, kale, the list goes on when it comes to hot new flavors and ingredients. With more global influence, evolving taste buds and desire for newness our snacking culture and the snack industry is booming. But what does the future hold? What will we crave next?

McCormick’s Flavor Forecast has its sights set on African and Middle Eastern flavors and ingredients, salt and sour combinations, umami and more. The Food People feel smoke, acidulated, tart, burnt and floral will be rising flavors, to name a few.

But how will these trends affect shoppers beyond food consumption?

Will we see more African inspired merchandising? A shift toward floral or tropical packaging? Or a jump in home pickling or smoking?Brands and retailers should take note of evolving tastes and see how they can impact their approach to reaching shoppers. After all, the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach.

Photo Source: The Food People, McCormick Flavor Forecast