Finding Dory Hooks Moviegoers and Brands

The much anticipated sequel to “Finding Nemo” finally arrived at the box office this month and along with it, lots of mega-brand promotions! “Finding Dory” continues the story of Nemo’s forgetful fish friend Dory as she looks for her family. Along the way, thirteen brand partners lead the build up to opening day and everyone from Band-Aid to Yoplait GoGurt wanted in on the action. In fact, it was Coppertone sun screen’s first-ever film promotion. In terms of numbers,Fandango’s moviegoer poll revealed “Finding Dory” to be the #1 most anticipated summer movie and it’s box-office release proved that to be true. According to Deadline, the opening weekend value for the film was a record-breaking $135.1 million, the most for an animated film.

Many brand partners leveraged digital animated content, in-store displays, and purchase-based promotional offers such as free movie tickets to invite parents and shoppers alike to join in the excitement. With customized Dory-shaped foods from Kraft Mac N’ Cheese or Pirate’s Booty, shoppers could add a little more fun to snack time. Additionally, Bounty brought fun Dory prints to it’s paper towels while Band-Aid printed Dory and her friends onto their adhesive bandages. Whether the goal was to drive brand awareness or sales of CPG products, things are looking swimmingly for the summer blockbuster and it’s promotional partners. Movie partnerships are great ways to connect brands to shoppers via stories they relate to, characters their kids love, or movies the whole family can see together. When they see their favorite characters, shoppers often just put the item in the cart!

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