Father’s Day 2020

“Ok, Google. When is Father’s Day 2020?” According to Google Search Trends, losing track of the date is our number one concern associated with Father’s Day. This is perhaps no surprise in a year like 2020, especially at this moment in time when such large cultural events like the Black Lives Matter Movement and the COVID-19 pandemic are dominating the news cycle.

So how can brands show up for dads this year? In addition to a reminder of the date, shoppers are also Googling gift ideas for Dads. Fathers are notoriously difficult to shop for. If we look at past search history by retail category for a comparable holiday like Mother’s Day, words like “flowers,” “cards,” and “brunch ideas” pop. But Father’s Day seems to stump shoppers more. At time of publication (a week before Father’s Day), search trend data was dominated by interest in the PS5 game console release.

Fortunately, categories that are traditionally associated with Father’s Day such as home improvement, have skyrocketed over the last few months due to increased stay-at-home restrictions. While this is probably not the year to gift special outings and experiences, consumers are showing more interest in giving home improvement/gardening tools, automotive accessories, and appliances instead. With so many hours clocked at home and looking for things to fill the time, shoppers are starting to take a closer look at ways to improve their houses. Lowe’s and Home Depot have seen record sales while consumers embrace more DIY projects. On average, consumers expect to spend an average of $148 on presents for fathers this year, compared to $90 back in 2009. So go ahead, buy that combo smoker and grill for the father figures in your life (or yourself).

In addition to tools and ideas for the home, consider the gift of connection. COVID-19 has proved that connection is not optional–it is a necessity. Even for those who are currently working (and often sheltering-in-place with family and roommates), 40% still want to spend their post-work time in-person with family and friends. COVID-19 has brought us closer together in ways we never expected and may never experience again. So this year, take advantage of that extra time with dad and join the 75% of consumers who plan to celebrate Father’s Day 2020.

Contributed by: Megan McCaslin, Account Planner, Integer Denver

Image Source: Unsplash