Facial Recognition Payments

LG CNS is piloting a new payments solution that utilizes facial recognition, a blockchain-based currency and artificial intelligence to allow shoppers to enter, pay, and leave a store without contact to either a device or person. The technology not only recognizes a face, but also recognizes people wearing sunglasses or masks. More importantly perhaps, the technology can also be used to deny entry to a store if someone is not wearing a mask.

This kind of technology has the potential to help make shoppers feel far safer in a post COVID-19 world, where both retailers and shoppers are asking the question of how they can make safety the number one priority. A new take on commerce, the technology is already being trialled at a convenience store in the company’s headquarters and has been in place at its in house restaurants and cafes since August 2019. To maintain customers, retailers may need to adopt these innovative technologies and provide the best and safest experience they can; the risk of losing customers may otherwise be too great.

Contributed By: Michael Krog, Senior Integrated Planner, Integer London

Image Source: Unsplash