Experiential Marketing Done Right: Part 2

The second fundamental of experiential marketing is theater. Theater is memorable. If done well, a bit of drama provides an unforgettable hook. However, there are some key rules:

  • Simplicity and originality
  • Good quality and good talent
  • The element of surprise

The flash mob has become increasingly popular over the past few years, but it is becoming a bit tired and predictable. T-Mobile did it well at Liverpool Street Station.

Unfortunately, Qantas did not do it well—with cringe-worthy results.

Cunning stunts are a great way to offer good theater. Bounty Paper Towels did a fantastic job of demonstrating a giant-sized problem and how its product can solve it.

Likewise, Discovery Channel drove awareness for Shark Week with a clever stunt that brought the fear of many Australians closer to home.

Contributed by Sara Graham, Integer Sydney.

Photo Source: Coloribus, AdGoodness