Experiences Prosper Within The Digital Age

As big bookstore chains such a Barnes andamp; Noble are closing down their stores all around Manhattan to surrender to the digital age; a small, independent bookstore chain is rising from the ashes of its failed counterparts. The name of this surviving bookstore is called Posman; and now it is flourishing by opening a fourth bookstore in the city.

How is it doing this? Posman is offering much more intimate shopping experiences targeted toward specific micro-cultures that Manhattan offers block-by-block. Posman’s Grand Central store is targeted toward commuters. The Rockefeller Center store caters to tourists and travelers. And the Chelsea Market store is seasoned with cookbooks. “It’s definitely a more intimate shopping experience than what you would get online or at any other large bookstore,” says Posman customer Jennifer Huck.

There is a lesson to learn from Posman. In the wake of the digital age and online shopping; brick and mortar locations must be sure to carefully hone and improve experiences that are right for their shoppers to draw them away from eCommerce.

Thus, is there an opportunity for you to explore the experiences you can provide to your shoppers to draw them away from the Internet and into your store?