Experience the Brand Through All Your Senses

Some premium brands are facing increased competition from low-end brands that win consumers with attractive discounts or added-value promotions. More often than not, consumers fail to recognize the difference between one brand and another, and choosing to buy the lowest-priced option seems to be the smartest way to shop.

For example, Glenlivet is taking a new approach to increase the perception of value, both on-premise and off-premise, by letting shoppers experience the brand through all their senses. The brand is rolling out new aroma stations that serve to educate consumers about the properties of the brand’s product lineup, and the attributes that elevate the Glenlivet experience.

Glenlivet leverages aroma sprays to engage with patrons and prospects; tasting the brand’s whiskeys complements the experience to bring together the senses of smell and taste. The unique set-up of the pop-up store brings sight, hearing and touch into play for a complete sensorial experience for the shopper.

Contributed by:Alfonso Marquez, Integer Dallas

Image Source: Matters of Interest