Everyone’s Getting In On The Action

The Super Bowl is not only one of the biggest sporting events of the year, but also one of the biggest retail events of the year.According to BIG Research, shoppers expect to spend, on average, $79 this year for Super Bowl related items. That is a $15 increase in spending compared to just 2 years ago. Perhaps there’s just a rising price to watch or maybe it’s due to greater game day marketing.

It’s not just for soda, beer and food brands anymore.Brands of all kinds look for ways to draft off of the excitement and spending that surrounds the big day and digital platforms like Facebook and Instagram offer easy, quick ways to get in on the action. Just today I saw a sponsored Clorox post in my Facebook feed encouraging me to buy toilet bowl cleaner for the big game.I have also seen Uber get in on the action through a game day promotion that includes bar reservations and an Uber ride.

Using the big game in marketing materials definitely grabs shopper’s attention, but do you think it’s enough to change shopper habits or increase spending? Which brands are true fans and which are bandwagon fans?

Photo Source: Integer ShopPicTM Library