Emotional Advertising for FMCG Retailers

There must have been something potent in the British air this year. A summer of celebration and a nation coming together has seemingly spilled out into the Christmas campaigns created on the backdrop of the Jubilee and Olympics.

There’s been a common theme of emotional advertising in a category that is generally about price drops and saving shoppers money. Retailers are focusing more on identifying with shoppers by representing family moments that only Christmas can bring.

Sainsbury’s has created a lovely integrated “12 Days of Christmas” campaign. The TV advertising brings to life 12 special days that happen in the run up to Christmas. The Christmas section on their website not only helps you plan your Christmas day, but also links to the 12 days campaign by detailing gifts, recipes, and easy click-to-buy options surrounding each day.

It has become a one-stop shop for all of mum’s and dad’s needs through the holiday period, identifying with these shoppers on an emotional level. The site even embeds the TV adverts and pulls through top tips from their Facebook and Twitter users.

However, the emotional messaging in store is dialed right down with more traditional offers and promotions coming to the fore, including multi-brand and specific seasonal price cuts.

There is no mention of the 12 Days campaign when you go beyond the entrance/exit to the store. The emotional advertising campaign is being used to attract shoppers to Sainsbury’s and make online shopping easy.

However, the campaign oddly does not translate through to the store with helpful signposting, similar creative design, or product groupings for the 12 Days, which could capitalize on the communication idea and make the shopping experience that much more enjoyable. The lack of continuity might cause some shopper frustration; however, it is possible that this is a very clever tactic. It may create demand for the products, gifts, and recipes featured in the campaign, attracting shoppers to store. Once there, the price drops and promotional offers help drive increased basket spend.

Whether this is a successful Christmas communication strategy only post-sales data will tell, but in a very competitive season, with top retailers fighting for shopper spend, it is refreshing to see above-the-line and digital communications not steeped in traditional price drop offers from the FMCG category.

Contributed by Integer London

Photo Source: Nina White and Sainsburys.com