Easing Choice Paralysis At Retail

Previously, having options was something that appealed to shoppers. It was nice to be able to choose the best one for a specific need that is unique, compared to just using the same products as everyone else. But have we reached the tipping point? Are there just too many choice at the shelf? According to the most recent annual Global Brand Simplicity Index study, there may be much to gain from easing choice paralysis at retail. For the fourth year, supermarket retailer ALDI retains the top spot on this global ranking. Known for low assortment (and low prices to match), ALDI shoppers experience less choice paralysis by eliminating thousands of superfluous SKUs and focusing on a core set. This doesn’t automatically mean that simplification can only be achieved by shrinking assortment to reduce the number of SKUs offered. Brands are seeing success by simplifying the overall shopping experience and making the path to purchase easier and more intuitive, too.

Take Sephora for example. They rose 44 spots in the global rankings this year which may attributed to integration within their entire digital ecosystem as well as in-store to help shoppers find exactly what they need, provide access to elements like ratings and reviews to aid in purchase confidence, and to also inspire trial with relevant product recommendations. Shoppers want choices, but if they get swept up too many, the likelihood that they will be overwhelmed and walk away without purchasing anything only increases.

Image Source: Sephora.com