Earth Day Reminds Shoppers to Make a Change

When it comes to changing people’s habits, sometimes seeing is believing. But what if you cannot see the problem? What if it’s so glacier in nature that it goes unnoticed or is downgraded in the minds of the people? Environmental issues such as pollution, are one such thing. They often go unnoticed by culture and are accepted as the status quo.

In the wake of Earth Day, environmental concerns remain high despite ongoing efforts to educate people and encourage sustainable and eco-friendly purchases. Beyond big facts and stats, people are looking for new ways to raise awareness and hopfully prompt people to change how they live and shop for the good of the planet.

Recently, British artist Michael Pinsky created an installation of fivegeodesic domes, or pollution pods, in London intended to replicate theatmospheric conditions in Beijing; São Paulo, Brazil; London; New Delhi; and Norway’s Tautra Island by recreating the air using safe chemicals. The installation put the spotlight on the issue of pollution and helped people truly see and experience air quality across the globe. The reactions he received proved that sometimes it takes seeing an issue in a new light to really make an impact.

As cultural awareness about pollution and other environmental issues rises, we can only hope that it will affect change not just in perception but in habit and action. Shoppers readily have access to eco-friendly products, plastic alternatives, diverse commuting options and more. But it will take ongoing efforts to truly change shopping habits with the environment in mind. How can we help shoppers see the impact they can make on the world when they are at shelf?

Contributed By: Kira Walstrom, Integer Denver

Image Source: Unsplash