Throughout the pandemic, shoppers are turning to trusted snack brands for comfort. Mondelez International is experiencing “unprecedented demand” for its Oreo, Ritz, Triscuit and other snack offerings online as more consumers turn to e-commerce as a way to stock up and refill their pantries during the coronavirus outbreak. Glen Walter, executive vice president of Mondelez and president of North America, said the spike in consumption through e-commerce is especially prominent in its core snack offerings as shoppers gravitate toward brands that “people know and trust and love.” 

Cheez-Its takes advantage of this uptick in snacking and increased video streaming behavior to create a unique bundle offer with Amazon. Cheez-It is offering $5 Amazon credits to anyone who signs up for a program and then watches certain Amazon Prime programming each month. The deal is called Cheez-It Snap’d & Stream, where the Cheez-It Snap’d offering is a bagged variety of their crispy, cheesy crackers. Apart from going against the traditional TV advertising grain, the promotion also leverages increased online shopping behavior in the snacking sector. The $5 credit rewards can be used to purchase select Cheez-It Snap’d and Cheez-It products on Amazon.

By leveraging one of the most spoken about behavior’s under lockdown and positioning its product to be perfectly suited to the occasion, Cheez-It is the first in what may be a new-wave of snacking promotion through Amazon. It’s clever marketing, and it’s highly relevant. Combining a relevant product, behavior and brand partner, will give brands like Cheez-It stronger opportunities for success.

Contributed by: Michael Krog, Sr. Integrated Planner, Integer London

Image Source: Unsplash