Dream Big. The New Market of Sleep

Sleep is becoming a new concern for shoppers in pursuit of a healthier life. The Better Sleep Council reported in 2015 that U.S. adults spend more than $5 billion each year trying to compensate for poor sleep. Sleep deprivation has become a growing problem across the globe, and it’s now considered a public health epidemic. “People are beginning to see sleep as a performance enhancement.” says Arianna Huffington in her new book The Sleep Revolution, published in April 2016. A growing number of brands embraced this movement to create a new generation of products designed to help shoppers solve their sleep problems. As an example, the SleepNumber it is a mattress embedded with biometric sensors to track your heart rate, breathing, and movement during sleep, and an accompanying app recommending when to go to bed and when to wake up to gain the most benefit. The market for sleeping and calming products is projected to grow to $686 million by 2019 (Euromonitor). Well-being is the new bottom line for shoppers who expect brands and services to reinvent products from their daily lives with new technologies, apps, and wearables designed to improve their sleep.

Image Source: Sleep Number Website