Downloadable Social Distancing Tool Kit Helps Retailers Keep Shoppers ‘Two Carts Apart’

In these unprecedented times, many companies and individuals are looking for ways to best use their skills and resources to be of service. For essential retailers and your dedicated employees, that means staying open to serve your communities. For a commerce agency like us at Integer, it means doing our part to help the industry communicate with shoppers about how to stay as safe as possible while gathering the goods they need.

In an effort to support all retailers working tirelessly to ensure the safety of shoppers within their stores, we have created the COVID-19 Retailer Tool Kit, featuring clear, visual “two carts apart” guidelines. We hope this kit provides physical retailers the tools to communicate social distancing requirements and best practices in-store.

This tool kit is turnkey, print/post-ready and available to the public at the download link below. The files are open, so may be customized for language and color palette. As we are able, we are also taking requests for custom colors and logo additions. For specific requests, questions, or assistance, please find contact information within the tool kit. 

The package contains the following materials:

  • PDF Sell Sheet including size specifications
  • Standard in-store tools (i.e., shelftalker, t-Stand poster, etc.)
  • Standard digital tools (horizontal and vertical banner ads)
  • Static and animated social-post content


The COVID-19 Retailer Tool Kit was created by The Integer Group in response to the United Nation’s open call to creatives around the globe to help in “translating critical public health messages into different languages, different cultures, communities and platforms, reaching everyone, everywhere.”

For requests, questions or file issues, please contact [email protected].