Download The Five Part Series: Untangling the Social Web

Five years ago, as Thomas Friedman put it, “‘Twitter’ was a sound, the ‘cloud’ was in the sky [and] ‘4G’ was the name of a parking space.” It is apparent that the world of social networking is rapidly evolving but it is also fundamentally changing the way individuals and businesses interact.Today, individuals can have real-time communication with their favorite brands, earns special perks for following a retailer, and receive job updates from companies they dream to work at.

This is a space that businesses can no longer ignore. Therefore, the North America Coca-ColaRetailing Research Council(CCRRC) partnered with The Integer Group(R) to provide a five-part series on the current state of social networking entitledUntangling the Social Web: Insights for Users, Brands and Retailers. This series aims to provide the entire retail community with the foundational knowledge to decode the complexities of the social web and seed inspiration for how companies can set a path for change. Topics include:the social networking landscape of today, the allure of social networking for users, social networker shopping habits, and the role brands and retailers can and should play in this space.

Click here to download parts 1-5 of the seriesUntangling the Social Web.