Dockers Is Taking Shazam to Next Level at Super Bowl XLIV

Shazam is still one of the more brilliant smart-phone applications ever made. The app lets you tag a song, identifies the name of the song and artist, and tells you where you can buy or download that song.

The notion of hear it, like it, buy it relies on people’s impulsive behavior, and it’s well-suited to music, video, and other digital content. How can brands that sell atoms—not bits—use this technology?

During Dockers’ Super Bowl commercial, people who use Shazam to tag the song in the ad will be directed to Dockers content and their new marketing campaign, including a chance to enter a consumer promotion.

Since more people will have access to phones than laptops during the Super Bowl, this is a smart way to link TV ads to digital material.

What kind of impulse behaviors is this taking advantage of? Watch it, look it up, learn about it?

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–Contributed by Leslie Young