Do You Know What Your Shoppers Want?

Did you know that high quality fresh foods are the #1 reason a consumer goes to a store. Items from the fresh food categories are mostly purchased on every shopping trip.Given the importance these categories, retailers and brands need to better understand how their product selection, prices, placement in the store and displays influences consumers and consumers psychological needs and expectations of fresh foods.

Did you also know that in our society there are markets that most retailers viewed as food deserts, places where for profit reasons they chose to pay less attention? These markets have limited retailer selections, low income shoppers and tends to receive lower quality products, especially when related to fresh foods. In one particular market, a small retailer, Brown’s Super Stores took a chance and invested in the market to better understand the shoppers.

This retailer learned that the locals were loyal patrons who sought specific products, needed some product education and enticements. The retailer implemented its findings and is now a case study on how to thrive in a food desert.

Eight out of the top 10 most purchased items are fresh food sand according to Supermarket News category sales in 2014, all of the fresh food categories realized growth. So if you offer high quality products, the right selection at the right price, shoppers will come. Not all consumers can shop or want to shop at stores like Whole Foods.