Do you have an email account just for shopping?

When I shop at my favorite stores and they ask me for my e-mail address, I give it to them. Mainly so I’ll know when sales events are or to receive discounts and coupons. I actually prefer the promotional e-mail delivery method versus waiting for sales flyers in newspapers, mail announcements, searching online or even iPhone apps.

Apparently, I’m not the only one.

In a recent study by Experian (The 2010 digital marketer: Benchmark and trend report), 53% of online adults say they are either very likely or likely to open an e-mail that contains promotions or coupons. Experian goes on to say that in 2009, e-mails promoting in-store visits increased by 50% over 2008.

This made me laugh because here in the office, a few of us received an e-mail alert that a nearby retailer was having a 50% off everything sale for one day only. News spread across the office, and lots of us are now strutting around in new threads. Clearly, it works. And part of the reason why it works, I believe, is because promotional e-mails become a social conversation topic.

As I think about that idea, I analyzed my own email and coupon behavior. When I signed up for this retailer’s email list, I used my personal email account that contains all my personal interests: running, hiking, swimming, etc. This account is all about ME. Not mom. Not career woman. Not wife. (Okay, there is some mom and wife stuff in there, but not the vast majority.) Thus, when I go to this e-mail account, my interest level spikes for what I’ll find, and I’ll often share these sales/coupons with others who have similar passions.

What about you? Do you have an email account just for shopping?