Do Millennials Shop Online More Than Other Generations?

Marketers tend to make assumptions about Millennials: they are tech-savvy, early-adopters, and inherently trust online payment systems. A 25-year-old will buy ANYTHING online so he can shop while simultaneously watching TV, surfing Facebook, and creating a Prezi. True? This may sometimes hold true, but Millennials aren’t the only generation turning to the web to shop.

The latest edition of The Checkout: Digitail® Report reports that Baby Boomers ages 50-64 are just about keeping pace with Millennials when it comes to shopping online. They have continued growth in purchase penetration for health and beauty products. In fact, over 53% of Boomers are buying these products online. These shoppers also have different values when it comes to online shopping. While the general population still prioritizes price over quality as a main reason for shopping online, Boomers first choose to shop online to find great quality items.

This issue of The Checkout also takes a look at the e-commerce experience and uncovers what experience-enhancers shoppers find most useful. It turns out that shoppers prioritize services that help them make a purchase decision, like ratings and reviews or price and inventory checking. Shoppers are also interested in Groupon and other online coupon services that help them get a great deal and, in the case of group coupon services, help them discover new experiences.

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