Disruption in the Booster Seat Category

Life in today’s world is busy! This is a point of view shared by most. More often than not, it’s a point of view voiced by many of today’s working parents. As a result, parents are on the continual hunt for new and innovative ways to make their lives easier. Topping the list is travel, with the need to have a large car seat or booster seat to keep their children safe. mifold is a new and innovative booster seat that shows promise of disrupting the booster market. Why? Because they’ve found an innovative way to create a booster without actually boosting your child.

The mifold solves this problem by adjusting the adult-size seat belt to securely fit a child. This contrast to the traditional booster seat solves a huge challenge parents face when it comes to transportation. Parents want to keep their children safe, but a busy life leads to ride shares with neighbors, increased family travel, and exposure to taxi trips forcing parents to throw their stringent safety rules out the window more often than they’d like in order to make things a little easier and convenient.

What’s interesting from a shopping perspective is the company’s USA launch approach: it’s Internet-only. mifold is following in the footsteps of many other small companies choosing to leverage the powers of social media and PR to drive awareness and keep other components of their business like inventory costs more manageable. The question becomes: As more and more start-ups and smaller brands shift toward a digital-only approach, how will traditional brick-and-mortar retailers adapt?

Photo Source: pishposh Blog