Digitail™ – New Digital + Retail Practice at Integer

As marketers we are faced with constantly evolving trends for brands, retailers and consumers. In recent years these evolutionary changes are coming faster than ever before. As an agency, deciphering the implications of these trends is our job. However, once in a while when we add up a number of converging trends we see an opportunity to do more than interpret, we see an opportunity to truly innovate.

As a Shopper Marketing agency we carefully track shopping behaviors and retailer trends. As a Promotions agency, we closely follow the effects of changing technology on consumer/brand relationships. Directly resulting from these observations, the Integer Group has created a new practice for our clients centered on the convergence of digital and retail. We’ve termed this new space Digitail.

For information on the pressures that are changing the marketplace and the challenges and opportunities they are opening up for marketers, download the Digitail White Paper here.

To read the official press release, click here.