Decorative Barcodes To Customize Your Program

An interesting article in Springwise earlier this month discussed Vanity Barcodes launching a barcode-customization business much like the one Japanese Design Barcode previously introduced. The implications for brands could be really exciting and fun, especially in the CPG/consumer promotions world. Imagine running a loyalty “collect them all and win” program using nothing more than the barcodes on your packaging. Codes could also be customized specifically by category or product variety.

With the rise of mobile technologies and incorporating things like digital barcode scanners and augmented reality, the potential use for specially designed barcodes becomes very intriguing.

In it’s simplest form, custom barcodes could be used as unique branding features on product packaging as another way for brands to differentiate themselves.

I’m interested to see if any of the major CPG brands are experimenting with them yet.

-Contributed by Diane Elliston