Data Transparency Can Encourage Participation and Improve Relations

I have recently fallen in love with ever-growing trend of discount and exclusive online wine clubs. One in particular,, recently solicited my opinions in a survey, but more importantly, in the invite email, they demonstrated how they have been actively responding to the feedback they have received.

As you can see, they note where they are working on some areas (i.e. a loyalty program), have directly acted to others (i.e $0 shipping) and in cases where changes can’t be made, they offer an explanation (i.e. point 6 about merlot selections). After reading this, I realized that immediately it made me think of them in comparison to other services I use and how much more positive I felt about their offering. It made me think, “they really listen to their users.” So, I immediately set about offer up my opinions in their survery. (The $20 credit didn’t hurt either.)

More importantly, this got me thinking about all the data we collect as marketers and how it often gets treated. At best, we are using to make informed decisions about our consumers/shoppers and maybe its feeding a CRM program. At worst, the data is getting store in a big machine somewhere, where no one is looking at it. However, you don’t often see companies letting consumers behind the data curtain to see what respondents ask for, and more importantly, what the company is doing about it. I found this a refreshing use of data to improve consumer/shopper relations. How is your company using your data?