Cyber Monday Wins As Shopping Shifted Digital

Consumer spend slumped over the holiday week from Thursday to Sunday for the first time in seven years. Yet, online sales rose by 21% during Cyber Monday according to the International Business Machines Corp. This year, we are seeing a shift in shoppers opting for e-commerce experiences over brick-and-mortar. Even on Black Friday, online spending increased by 15% and outpaced total projected retail growth.

What is most interesting is the growth mobile traffic brought, accounting for 32% of site visits on Cyber Monday. And behavior on tablets and phones differed as well. Tablets are more popular for purchase, while mobile phones were preferred for browsing.

This Cyber Monday leaves us with questions. Mainly, were we appropriately prepared for this holiday’s digital shoppers? In future Thanksgiving Holidays, brands and retailers alike will need to be more cognizant of the digital space.

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