Coupon deals on eBay

Coupons have come a long way. But while electronic coupons, often linked with store loyalty cards, are grabbing all the attention, paper coupons are also coming back into style – in fact, they are now being sold on eBay!

Buying and selling coupons on eBay may not seem a profitable business venture, because it seems to defeat the very purpose of couponing- i.e. saving money. But selling coupons is actually a win-win for both buyer and seller. Shoppers can buy better coupons on eBay, and at the same price as buying the newspaper. Makes absolute sense for the buyer/shopper. Sellers make money not on the coupons themselves, but for the process of clipping them.

To give you an idea, you can buy a bundle of 100 mixed coupons that include categories like 70% food (including restaurants) and 30% non-food, for about $2, including shipping. On an given day there are more than 60,000 coupons available on eBay ranging from food, health and beauty, home and garden and travel.

eBay has made coupons available to people who may not get the Sunday newspaper, or to those whose newspapers don’t carry the coupon inserts. It also gives consumers a choice of selecting the coupon of their choice, on the brands of their choice.

– Contributed by Priyanka Sah