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Could the #Icebucketchallenge Change How Brands Think of Cause Marketing?

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

The #icebucketchallenge has gone viral, reaching our family, friends, neighbors and celebrities a like. Even some companies are getting in on the action, including Integer.

Supporting causes not only resonates with us as people but also as shoppers. It can help shoppers choose between brands at shelf and increase brand affinity.

For decades, brands have been using causes in shopper marketing to sway shopper decisions. But could this recent #icebucketchallenge change the way brands view cause marketing? Instead of donating money or product for every shopper purchase, could brands invite shoppers to participate in their donation efforts? And in turn would that affect shoppers’ decisions?

Read more about the affects of cause marketing on shopper behavior in the Cause issue of The Checkout.

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