Cord Cutting Across Generations

In the business of communications, we hear a lot about new technology and early adopter behavior. But, I was surprised to hear this topic broached by my parents during a recent phone call. They asked me if they should cut their cable. Their cable bill had increased steadily and it felt like they only watch a few shows of the hundreds of channels they paid for. My Dad wanted to know which of their favorites series they could watch, and on what device they’d watch them.

I wasn’t sure about some of the shows they wanted to watch, so I did some searching and found this great tool on The Verge.It is an easy, interactive guide that shows you all channels available via non-cable means, and allows you to customize and price to your needs. I happily shared the link with my Dad – who was excited for the easy interface and cost savings calculator at the bottom. Unfortunately for me, this meant another hour on the phone explaining why we have Apple TV and what it does.

Because of these developing and evolving accessible streaming options, my parent’s are cutting their Cable TV cord after 30 years of loyal subscription, and I didn’t even have to nag them to get them there. It was their choice as consumers for cost savings, convenience, and a little bit of pride for learning to game the system that has gamed them for so many years.