Conversation to drive shopping – an experiement

A much respected commentator and author on all things marketing, Joseph Jaffe, is running a small experiment to improve the sales of his current book. The intention is to see if the power of the network and social marketing is all we believe it is going to be in terms of influencing purchase behaviour.

In October 2007 Joseph published a new book entitled “Join the Conversation“.

Following the success of his previous books in generating reviews with other bloggers Joseph is, once again, trying to see if he can get his book on the best seller list by practicing what he preaches. Namely, using the power of conversation among networks to improve the level of purchase. He has named it UNM2PNM (Using New Media to Prove New Media). As his blog says…

‘The underlying thinking behind this effort was that I would use the very approaches in my book to help market it and in so doing, would turn the book into its own case study.’

Obviously that kind of thinking appeals to us at Integer, and Joseph has offered a free copy of the book to different industry bloggers in return for their honest review of it.

So we are going to be reviewing the book in the near future and take part in the experiment to try and use the power of this network and the conversation generated here can help to influence and encourage you all to shop for it (assuming it is any good of course).

It will be interesting to see what happens given the amount of book clutter that exists and free IP that is generated in the blog sphere – will the power of social media that we expect be able to move the needle and encourage greater purchase?

In the meantime, if you want to grab a copy of the book for yourself in advance, you can do so at amazon. And do let us know if you buy a copy as a result of this post alone.