Consider A Change of Environment This New Year

Today’s culture is focusing less on lofty New Year’s resolutions. Instead consumers and shoppers set their goals to getting back on track and back to routine after the holiday season. But even getting back on track with your meals, finances or daily routine can require a change in habit.

Change does not come easy, even for simple things like shopping. Trying to shop for healthy items? You may find yourself a bit frazzled or discover that it takes longer than normal if it is out of the norm (or you are out of practice). But there is one key thing about habit change that people often forget about. The environment.

A recent NPR article discussed the notion that your surroundings can make it easier or more difficult to change and noted that a new environment can actually help you make changes to your existing habits. But how much of an environmental change is needed? Does retailtainment transport shoppers enough to get them to try something new? Can brands use innovative displays in store to disrupt shoppers on a mission for just the (healthy) basics?

Sensorial point of sale, that which has lights, sounds or other sensorial cues has been known to lift sales. Perhaps the New Year is the time to use innovation and retailtainment to capture shoppers who might otherwise pass by in search of carrots.