Connecting with Shoppers During the FIFA World Cup

With the FIFA World Cup coming to a close, so does a month straight of nonstop soccer-related advertising on screens worldwide. And this year, advertisers were connecting with shoppers on screens big and small.

While TV is still the #1 means of viewing, Ipsos reported that there was a 6% increase in fans watching digitally this year (compared to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil).

With so many eyeballs on the games, brands line up to sponsor with FIFA, which will make an estimated $5.66 billion by the end of the tournament. Even with major markets like Italy and the U.S. not qualifying for this year’s tournament, spending expectations were high for both consumers and brands.

In order to connect with potential shoppers, brands should consider:

  1. How to tailor ads to best fit every screen and the usage occasion given the rise in digital viewing. There are more and more opportunities to not just market to shoppers on mobile but drive transaction immediately.
  2. How to make their content relevant to the spectators’ emotional highs and lows in mind. For every game, win, upset and event is an opportunity to connect with shoppers and drive a transaction.

Did you notice any brands that made the most of the many screens of the World Cup this year?

Contributed By: Kaitlyn Stroud, Integer Denver

Image Source: eMarketer