Coffee n’ Shop

H&M has unveiled their first cafe in London’s Westfield White City store, the fourth worldwide, called “It’s Pleat”. As part of their shopping trip to H&M, shoppers can now sit down for breakfast, lunch or coffee, choosing between healthy meals made from organic, local ingredients and wrapped in compostable packaging.

As brick-and-mortar stores continue to lose to the meteoric rise of online shopping, retailers are trying to find new solutions to drive foot traffic. It’s Pleat is tapping into the growing food trend among younger demographics, creating a longer lasting and more relaxed shopping experience. Meanwhile, U.S. supermarkets from Whole Foods to Kroger’s are setting up bars inside their stores helping extend the time shoppers spend in their stores. As retailers keep fighting for foot traffic, brands should support their ambition by creating physical experiences and that engage shoppers and tempt them to stay a bit longer.

Contributed By: Genevieve Dreyfus, Integer London

Image Source: Unsplash