“Clorox Connects”, Consumers, Employees and Suppliers

has recently beenextremelyactive in pioneering a social media site called “Clorox Connects” that facilitates interaction between suppliers, consumers and employees to improve products, generate ideas and build new relationships.

The near 100-year old household cleaning manufacturer drives engagement by rewarding participants on a point system that is structured very similar to Four Square. With enough points come badges and with enough badges come priveleges. Suppliers who gain enough visibility on the platform can earn a 30-minute conference call with a Clorox analyst. Consumers with high-rating comments and ideas can gain exclusive rewards and merchandise.

With an idea of the week, a points leaderboard and daily updates to the site, Clorox is keeping things exciting and interesting for all those who wish to share their opinions and recommendations. The challenge will be how Clorox can sustain this level of engagement moving forward. Perhaps that’s a question they can pose to the thousands of people that Clorox Connects is currently resonating with nationwide.

As a separate initiaitve, Clorox’s is currently donating $1 to the Connect Kids To Care Children’s Health Fund for every individual that becomes a fan of their facebook page. The program, through a $500,000 donation from Clorox, will join families across the country to help CHF reach their goal of providing more than half a million health care visits to kids in need over the next two years.

Contributed by Scott Gross