Christmas in July

People are taking to Pinterest earlier than ever to plan for the Christmas season. Historically, the social platform sees holiday searches pick up in September, but this year users started seeking inspiration in the spring.

The early arrival of the holiday spirit could be reflective of shoppers’ concerns that items could be harder to purchase by December in the COVID-19 climate, with a fear of shipping delays or must-have items being out of stock. This behavior on Pinterest could also be pure escapism, with people turning toward the holidays as a welcome distraction. Whatever a shopper’s motive, COVID-19’s impact on shopper behavior will be important for brands to consider this holiday season.  

Here are our top 3 takeaways from Pinterest’s 2020 holiday report that could influence shopping this year.

1. Pinners are planning for the holidays five months earlier this year compared to last year. 

Brands who want to use Pinterest’s commerce capabilities to bolster holiday sales should consider going live sooner rather than later since their audience started thinking about the holidays as early as April this year. Pinterest says it best in their report, “When you reach people first where they make their plans, they’ll reach for you first when they make their purchases.”  

Source: Pinterest

2. There’s a renewed consumer desire to celebrate.

Even with the current economic climate, 50% of Pinterest users say that they “want to go all out” with celebrating the holidays this year, compared to 40% doing so on a budget. Even if household spend doesn’t increase, the mindset shift is still relevant. Brands should consider how to connect to their customers’ need for the holidays to feel special this year and provide solutions. 

3. eCommerce will be more important than ever this season. 

Gifts are top of mind for Pinterest users right now. Searches for “Christmas gifts” on the platform have tripled compared to last year, with the gifting category being the biggest driver of increased holiday activity on the channel.

This heightened interest to purchase gifts, coupled with apprehension to shop in-person, will place massive importance on a retailer’s eCommerce presence. 47% of Pinterest users log on with the intention to shop, which means they crave a seamless experience when they click through content and leave the platform to shop online.  

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Contributed by: Holly Harper, Social Media Manager, Integer Denver
Image Source: Unsplash